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Wormfare Revolutionizes Crypto Gaming with Real-World Contributions

Grand News Network | March 12, 2024

Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal, 12th Mar 2024 – Wormfare, a pioneering crypto gaming platform, merges engaging gameplay, cryptocurrency earnings, and significant real-world impact through its play-to-earn model. Introducing “Motivated Staking,” this novel approach allows players to invest securely and contribute positively to global welfare. By participating in community quests, users earn rewards and boost their Annual Percentage Yield (APY), linking game success to tangible benefits.

Wormfare Revolutionizes Crypto Gaming with Real-World Contributions

Wormfare is set to captivate with a collectable card game enriched by RPG elements. Equipment and accessories personalize gameplay, with a turn-based strategy at its core. Players navigate a lane system with three characters simultaneously in action, enhancing strategic depth. 

Players can enhance their gaming experience and earnings through – 

  • Motivated Staking: Engage in community quests for rewards, tying staking returns to active participation.
  • In-game Trading: Exchange characters and equipment through a secure system, enriching the gameplay experience.

The WOFR token is central to Wormfare’s ecosystem, supporting play-to-earn activities, trading, and staking. By acquiring WOFR tokens, players unlock quest-to-earn opportunities with potential APYs ranging from 15% to 500%. Additionally, WOFR facilitates transaction fees on the Polygon network, ensuring smooth in-game exchanges.

WOFR Token at a Glance:

  • Token Name: Wormfare Token
  • Symbol: WOFR
  • Total Supply: 800,000,000

A portion of user rewards (1%) supports social organizations, emphasizing Wormfare’s commitment to impactful gaming. Wormfare has demonstrated its commitment to security and transparency, confirmed by a top-rated audit by Hcken and thorough KYB and KYC checks. Denys Krasovskyi, our CTO, has ensured the project’s security and meticulously taken care of its cybersecurity. 

CEO Illia Zozulya’s Vision – “In forging the path for Wormfare, we’re not merely designing a game; we’re fostering a movement that marries personal achievement with societal benefits. The enthusiasm seen in our ‘Slap’ mini-game, attracting over 100,000 unique users, underscores the community’s robust engagement and Wormfare’s expansive vision.”

Recent Highlights:

  • Security Excellence: A perfect audit score from Haken.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Complete KYB and KYC verifications.
  • Community Engagement: ‘Slap’ mini-game captivates 100,000 unique players.
  • Economic Forecast: Detailed model anticipates listing prices and long-term sustainability.

Wormfare ensures a dynamic and sustainable ecosystem through player staking, PvP battles, in-game trading, and the option for players to engage freely or invest in premium features.

About Wormfare: Wormfare stands at the forefront of crypto gaming, blending immersive gameplay with a model that extends beyond entertainment, fostering community, engagement, and real-world impact.

Wormfare Social: 






Media Contact

Organization: Wormfare

Contact Person: Illia Zozulya

Website: https://wormfare.com/

Email: contact@wormfare.com

City: Lisbon

State: Lisbon

Country: Portugal

Release Id: 12032410394

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